Real Friends

As you grow up you start to realize what real friends are. Through each stage of your life you add more to the meaning of friend. Children tend to think of friends as people they have fun with. As a teen you add to that and describe friends as people you spend the most time with. Later on friendship takes on the role of people you confide in. As an adult you start to realize that loyalty is a huge part of it. Your real friends on not just the people you share laughs with or frequently see. Real friends are the people that have stuck by you. The people that are there for you when you’re down and vice versa.

I think being there for your friends is what defines a good friend but being there for your friends isn’t simple. It doesn’t mean just being there for your friend when things are tough. It’s not just having their back if they get into a fight. It’s being there for them through thick AND thin. That means being there for them whenever they need you. Whether they’re trying to forget about a big break up  or stressing over where to take someone they like for a first date.

Real friends are the people who want to be there for you no matter how big or small the problem. Good friends are the ones who take pride in helping their friends. When I look at the people in my life, the ones who I consider to be my real friends are the people who have my back no matter what. They are the friends who I could truly depend on.

My friend group isn’t perfect. They could be inconsiderate, selfish, and more annoying than I’d like but there’s a reason that we’ve stuck together for so long. Sure we started with common interests and sense of humor but that isn’t enough. Interests and hobbies change, high school and college don’t last forever. Circumstance isn’t enough to hold friends together. Surprisingly enough, our joint love of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise didn’t keep us together. I think the one thing that has kept my friends together through all the years is having each others back,

Now I’m not trying to say to break someone’s jaw if they look at your buddy the wrong way. I just feel that if a friend is in a rough patch I need to be there for them because I would want the same. Because it’s easier to overcome these obstacles together rather than alone.

Friends are important because unlike the majority of the relationships in your life, these are the people you choose to spend your time with. You’re not with them because you’re related or you work at the same place. These are the people you choose to be with because you enjoy their company.These are the people you choose to care for so keep them close and treat them as you’d want to be treated.

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