Why It Sucked: GoT Season 8

Welcome to ‘Why It Sucked’ with Toilet Reads. On Why It Sucked we go over the big let downs in life and dissect exactly why it sucked. This week, the topic is the god awful Game of Thrones Season 8. I already went over how it could’ve been better in a rewrite of season 6 through 8 but now we’re going to go over why it was bad and why people who liked it are stupid.

I’m not going to bother sugar coating it, outside of the acting and cinematography, Game of Thrones season 8 was complete an utter shit. Sure seasons 6 and 7 were bad but I couldn’t possibly imagine a worst way to end what could’ve been the best show of all time. It’s a complete and utter disappointment and anyone who think otherwise is lying to themselves or stupid. Don’t agree? Stop reading, I don’t want you here anyways. But what made it so bad? Well that’s what we’re here to discuss.

Season 8 defenders say that this was the ending that the book writer, George RR Martin, intended. Well when it comes to storytelling, it’s not the destination. It’s the journey. I don’t mind Dany going insane, Jon killing Dany, or Bran being king. What bothers me is that there was zero build up to it. The writers had the ending but lacked any idea of how to get there. They just kind of fucked around and crammed it all in to a couple of poorly written episodes that destroyed everything about the show. I believe that the writers wanted the quickest way to finish the show and they went about it by lazily getting characters where they needed to be for the plot to move. There wasn’t any rhyme or reason. Everything just happened so the plot could be rushed into the desired ending. No character made any decision that aligned with their first five seasons of development.

Now I could go over almost every character being misused or ruined.  Dany went from brilliant conqueror and benevolent ruler to an idiot who allowed her dragon to be shot out of the sky because she forgot about the greyjoy fleet that burned down a city because she was jealous that Jon was more popular than her. Jaime’s entire character growth being undone in five minutes. Brienne going from strong independent woman to girl hung up on her one night stand (or should I say two knight stand? Get it?…). Jon went from our noble hero to some guy who just says “I dun want it” and “she’s mah queen.” I could go over the plot lines that the writers either didn’t understand or were too lazy to fulfill like Jon being a Targaryen. The threat of the Night King and his forces. The relevance of the Children of the Forest. Varys, Little Finger, Cersei, Sam, and Tyrion being smart and intricate characters with a stake in the plot. I could rip into a lot here and maybe I will in a future post but as of right now there is one scene that sticks out like the soarest of thumbs on the bruised and battered body that was season 8. I believe it was the worst scene in the entire series. That scene was none other than Jon’s first dragon ride.

Let’s discuss the sheer stupidity that was that scene. What the actual fuck? The scene, for those who have blocked the suckage from their memory, was Dany asking Jon to go on an afternoon flight and Jon says “I never rode a dragon before” and then promptly rides a dragon with Dany into the sunset so they could make out in private.

Is this a joke? First off, OF COURSE YOU’VE NEVER RODE A DRAGON BEFORE! NO ONE BESIDES DANY HAS IN THE LAST THOUSAND YEARS!!! It was just so lazy! Don’t get me wrong, I’m okay with Jon riding a dragon but again it’s the journey. Jon riding a dragon is an event. That scene is something fans have been waiting for. It’s the nice guy finally coming in first. It’s the good honorable hero finally achieving long built up and untapped potential. The perfect comparison is in Avengers Endgame where *SPOILER ALERT* Captain America lifts Thor’s hammer. 

The Marvel writers didn’t let it just happen while the group was drinking in Avengers 2. They could’ve but the writers smartly bided their time. They waited for the right moment. They waited until all hope was lost and the good Captain needed something to tip the scale in his favor and help him hold off Thanos. It was then that he lifted the magical hammer and do you know what reaction that got? The audience lost their shit. The applause in my theater was monstrous. Do you think they would’ve got that reaction if Cap just picked up in casual conversation? Obviously not. Cap picking up mjonir was an event and they treated it as such.

Cap lifting the hammer is the perfect contrast. Jon riding a dragon is an event and him flying into the sunset with Dany is ridiculous.  Jon needed to be in the heat of battle. It had to be a scene that turns the tides in a battle. A scene where all hope is lost and Jon has no other option. He has to risk it all and attempt to tame a dragon for the greater good (similar to what I did in my Thrones Rewrite). Instead, we got Jon and Dany singing “A Whole New World” as the writers threw character development in the garbage.

This is what was wrong with the show. The writers needed Jon to be able to ride a dragon for the Long Night (don’t get me started on the whole world ending threat being taken out in under an hour) so he just did it. There wasn’t any build up, training, or great price that was paid. Jon just rode a dragon for fun and it was disappointing. Everything wrong with this season could be boiled down to that. Something needed to be done, it was lazily executed, and it left us feeling disappointed. That, ladies and gentlemen, is why it sucked.


P.S – Fuck you David Benioff and D.B Weiss. You guys are shit and ruined what could’ve been one of the greatest T.V shows of all time. I invite all who disagree to come at me in the comments


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4 thoughts on “Why It Sucked: GoT Season 8


    Great analysis, we find worse things everytime we see Season 7/8.

    Since you used so many of the arguments of why The Last Jedi sucks debate, could you take a look at the movie not just as a sequel to TFA but as a movie from the Star Wars series?

    I myself think it’s a nonsensical movie and it’s to me what Season 8 was to most ASOIAF fans.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m happy you liked the post and happier that you brought up The Last Jedi. Star Wars Episode XIII has perplexed me for quite some time. While as a Star Wars fan I enjoyed once again delving into the Star Wars universe I also recognize the whopping plot wholes and the overall dull plot. On the other hand, despite being a big plot guy, I also can’t not address amazing character development and important themes and lessons that were taught over the film. The lessons that were discussed TLJ was something greatly lacking in the Star Wars Universe and may need a post of it’s own as to whether or not it sucked.
      That being said there is a post to write about that movie and would love to hear any of your suggestions of what issues you’d like to see highlighted


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