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Welcome to the qucikest type of review, Ups and Downs! A couple of pros and a couple of cons.

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August 13th, 2019



  • Love the idea of the show. Superhero TV and Media have been done so much so it’s fun to see a fresh take
  • Very big Watchmen vibes
  • Love the whole play on the Justice League
  • Hughy killing translucent
  • Frenchie
  • Homelander is a sick villain
  • Madelyn Stillwell’s death


  • Billy Butchers accent
  • I liked touching on superhero sex but they went wayyy too far
  • Could used a couple more episodes to flesh out the story
  • The big twist was a little to predictable (except for her keeping baby Homelander which was neat)

All in all good show. Watch it

August 6th, 2019

Stranger Things Season 3


  • Dustin
  • Steve
  • Dustin and Steve
  • No one believing that Dustin had girlfriend
  • Dustin singing Never Ending Story
  • Steve developing as a character
  • Also the story was fun and engaging with excellent humor


  • Mike being brat
  • Will being a bitch
  • Lucas’s little sister
  • Mike and Lucas being bad friends
  • Hopper acting like a psychopath

All in all it was an okay season and I’ll probably watch season 4


July 3rd, 2019

Spiderman: Far From Home (SPOILERS)


  • Mysterio was fucking incredible. As a nerd, I knew he was going to be evil but watching his plan formulate was still awesome
  • Zendaya’s MJ was super original and the love story was much different than the usual superhero love story and it was great
  • Ned and Betty – I could have watched an entire movie only about them
  • Action was A+
  • Comedy was A++


  • Nick Fury winds up being a skrull. While I do like that it fills in the plot wholes of why he wasn’t as smart as usual throughout the movie and proves a couple of theories I… it bugs me but it wasn’t actually that bad. Not so many downs for this movie, I’m really reaching here.
  • I would have liked to see Vulture in a post credit. What’s he up to?
  • While it was funny, the whole Brad story line was pretty lame. Especially the end part where he has a perfectly sound argument for why Peter is weird. But fuck Brad, he’s a dick
  • As fun as their relationship was, it would have been cool to see Peter pick being Spiderman over happiness and initially reject MJ and hold off them getting together until next movie.

June 25th, 2019

Toy Story 4


  • Dealing with real life issues like the feeling of no longer having a purpose
  • Classic Pixar blend of tear jerking and comedy
  • Expanding the Toy Story Universe outside of a child’s bedroom or toy store
  • Bo Peep being a fucking badass
  • Combat Carl’s high five arc
  • Duke Caboom
  • Gaby Gaby helping the little girl find her mom


  • Nothing
  • There are no downs
  • I came in thinking it would be bad and was surprised in the best way
  • I refuse to complain about this movie

June 18th, 2019

Black Mirror Season 5


  • E2 – Eric Foreman/Topher Grace playing a businessman as himself
  • E2 – Even though the plot was predictable yet still engaging
  • E2 – Lol he was an intern
  • E3 – Miley Cyrus was Fantastic
  • E3 – Loved the concept and plot
  • E3 – Felt like a Disney movie but in a good way
  • E3 – Pretty blatant attack on Disney


  • E1 – Did not make any sense
  • E1 – Why was the sex only good in the game with that specific guy?
  • E1 – I’d like the episode more if at least one of them turned out to be gay or bisexual
  • E2 – Predictable
  • E2 – Random old lady sex side plot
  • E3 – They never got into little blonde girl’s side plot. They set up this whole thing where this bullshit inspirational teen pop star told did her bullshit motivation that lead to her embarrassing herself. Where’s the follow up?


June 11th, 2019:

Dark Phoenix (X-Men)


  • Michael Fastbender Magneto is always a treat
  • Sansa Stark as Jean Grey is also solid
  • That New York fight was awesome
  • They killed Raven! Fuckin Katpiss Everdeen was just the worst


  • WHY IS BEAST ABLE TO GO BACK FROM BEAST MODE TO HUMAN AT WILL?! None of that makes sense. First off, two movies ago he needed a serum to do it. Second, and more importantly, he is a teacher at a school for children who has uncontrollable mutations and he subdues his? Should he not be showing that it’s okay to look different rather than being ashamed of his own mutation. Stupid ass shit.
  • Why is beast the head of the school at the end?
  • Why would they name the school after Jean? I get that it wasn’t her fault but other than killing Raven she didn’t really do much good
  • They really scummed over Charles
  • The movie would have been a lot better if they built up characters like Scott and Jean in prior movies so when this movie happened we actually cared about them


June 4th, 2019:

Star War Episode IX: Rise of Skywalker Trailer


  • Old Lando laugh
  • Ghost Luke
  • Kylo stuff
  • The beauty that is Daisy Riddly
  • No Rose
  • Palatine Laugh


  • Rey has a regular blue lightsaber instead of a two sided yellow one like I wanted
  • Why is Palatine back?
  • ‘riSe oF SKywaLkER’ is a stupid ass tittle for a Star Wars movie. Episodes I though VI are literally about the rise of two separate Skywalkers. Enough. Enough with the Skywalkers.

For those of you who haven’t seen it:

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