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February 12th, 2019:

I hate to admit it but George RR Martin is one of my favorite authors. Even though he has delayed Book 6 of the “Song of Ice and Fire” series (A.K.A Game of Thrones) with countless prequel books causing the fandom to lose hope that he’ll ever finish the series… He is a fantastic writer. The guy knows how to not only create a great story, but also compelling and relatable characters. If you’ve ever read any of his books than you’ll also know that he is fantastic at world building.

That’s why I made my way through most of his books and so far none of them have disappointed and out of all his books, besides the Game of Thrones books, “Windhaven” is the best. It tells the story of a world that is divided into hundreds of islands. The islands communicate with one another through these people called flyers; regular people using silver wings to fly and deliver messages. I won’t got too much into the plot because we try to keep things spoiler free here plus it’s super complicated.

I will say that the book is excellently written. Certain parts of the book are written like poetry and imagery which I believe is attributed to Lisa Tuttle, the co-writer of the book. George RR Martin and her made an excellent team and created a fantastic book. “Windhaven” is an easy read that I would recommend to any fantasy fan.

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