PC’s Assault On The Media

There was a time, long ago, when we were free. A time where a man could speak his mind without fear of ridicule. A time where you could express yourself. A person could make a joke that teetered over the line and the public would laugh understanding that it was a joke. It was an age of freedom where comedy and other creative forms flourished. Sadly, those days are over. Now no one is safe. Directors, writers, actors and even comedians perform on the thinnest of ice. One subtle slip up and their careers are no more. Today, they must all make sure to be funny but extremely considerate and cautious as to not offend anyone. Thanks to the rise of PC (political correctness), the comedy industry is an emaciated funhouse reflection of what it was a few short years ago.

In all seriousness, what the fuck happened here? What happened to freedom of speech and expression? People used to make fun of whoever they want without consequences. You could make an edgy joke and people would take it for what it was, a goddamn joke. If you made a joke making fun of blacks or Jews, you weren’t labeled as a racist or anti-semite, you were just a comedian. Now all of the sudden, a single joke could end a career.

Don’t believe me? Ask Louis C.K! The guy is without a doubt one of the greatest comedians of our time. First he was shamed for a whole sexual scandal that really was more creepy than it was illegal and it definitely wasn’t worthy of being ousted from Hollywood. Finally, Louis is allowed back into the spotlight and did another set. He made a joke about the parkland shooting and now the entire media is calling for his death. I’ll admit that the joke was a bit offensive but transgressive comedy was always his thing. This PC culture is destroying comedy. A lot of people enjoy edgy transgressive comedy but apparently today’s moral stick-up-the-butt society can’t handle a joke.

What about James Gunn? Thanks to all of this PC bullshit, the world missed out on the completion of a perfect Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy (I don’t care if Disney is doing it without him. It’s not GOTG without James Gunn #RehireJamesGunn). The guy sent out an offensive tweet years ago but a bunch of psychos with nothing better to do with there time dug it up and Disney fired him. The guy made an offensive joke so that means he deserves to have his career in shambles? Fucking ridiculous. Something similar happened more recently to Kevin Hart and they didn’t let him host the Oscar.

Who are these people? These self righteous pricks who feel the need to sift through every famous persons tweets in hopes to find something to destroy said celebrity’s career. Is there some sort of secret society of PC people who are trying to rid the world of the freedom to express yourself? It has to be because I don’t see any of the “victims” of said jokes getting offended, do you? Know there’s something else at play. Whether it’s the feeling of self righteousness driving us or some sort of weird political agenda, some person or group is behind this and they are getting out of hand.

Where does it end? We’re headed towards a world where every person in the spotlight walks on pins and needles, afraid to slip up and say something that might offend someone. This is nothing to be taken lightly because this is a direct hit on creativity. When people has such strict restriction on what they can cannot it hinders what they can create. If this PC culture continues to spread we will lose out on so much. Do you think a show like “The Office” with all it’s racist and sexist jokes could be made with the restriction of 2019’s PC culture? Absolutely not. Do you think Game of Thrones, a show that has incest, child abuse, and more incest , will be accepted if this PC insanity continues? Letting this PC culture continue to spread like the cancer that it is will only further hinder and limit the media we produce. What happens if it spreads towards the news? What if the news gets to graphic? What if a certain piece of news frames a certain ethnic group in a negative lens? Do we start changing the news to satisfy these PC monsters? If it’s starting to sound like I’m comparing PC culture with a certain fascist party from the 1940’s it’s because I am.

Listen, I’ve never been one to care much for celebrities. I’ve always been against idolizing someone just because they’re a good actor or musician. Just because I like your music doesn’t mean I agree with or care about your political opinions. They are content creators and all I care about his the content which at the moment is under attack and as someone who very much enjoys quality content I am outraged and frightened. What is the endgame for these PC sickos? When will they be satisfied? They are creating a word where comedy is more tolerable than it is funny. Each of us have to externally and internally renounce the PC influence. We can’t let the media shame game dictate what we watch and enjoy. Voice your opinion and show that you don’t subscribe to this ridiculousness. Consume the content that you enjoy, no matter how offensive or weird. Sign the silly change.com petitions. If enough of us do this then maybe, just maybe, we could ensure the continuation of quality content.

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