About Us

Hello there and welcome to Toilet Reads!

Having another session on the old porcelain throne and need something to pass the time? May I introduce you to ‘Toilet Reads!’

‘Toilet Reads!’ is the place to be when you need a fun read. Sift through our biweekly posts chock full of fun reads to swipe through while your passing time on the pooper. Whether you’re looking for edgy political stances, different outlooks, fun philosophies, or stupid humor ‘Toilet Reads!’ is worth a shot!

Our goal is to give you some tasty food for thought to help potty time, and anything else, pass through. Give our stuff a try and we’re sure you’ll love a good ol’ Toilet Read… Or maybe you won’t, we don’t know what you like. But hey, you may as well give it a try, it’s not like you have anything else to do!

Contact us at TalkToToiletReads@gmail.com for any inquiries or concerns!


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