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The new up and coming blog to pass time on the potty!

For edgy political stances, different outlooks, fun philosophies, or stupid humor click Reads to see some of our posts. When you’re done with that check out ↑Ups & ↓Downs for a quick review of something we liked. Check MEME OF THE MONTH for original Toilet Reads Memes!

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We’re back baby! Toilet Reads is coming back hot with all new content and new style so hunker down and get ready!

Also some other stuff:

  • New Series – With it’s first installment off to a great start Toilet Reads presents Why It Sucks, the series where we examine the big disappointments of today and where they went wrong. Click here to check out the first of the series where we look at Why It Sucked: The Last Jedi. as well as Why Rise of Skywalker Will Suck
  • Continuing Series – The first ever Toilet Reads series, The Reboot Chronicles is still going strong with Reboots V: Femsurgence 2. The Reboot Chronicles is a series of interrelated posts on the topic of reboots. It’s basically a reboot about a preexisting post condemning reboots so that’ll be fun. Click here to read Episode II, here to read Episode III, and here for Episode IV.

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