Economies Are A Warm Gun

I started watching this show on Amazon Prime called “The Man In The High Castle” It’s one of those alternate history shows and this one basically delves into a world where the Nazis won World War II. I’m a huge history nerd so I had to give the show a shot. I’m a couple episodes in and so far it hasn’t disappointed me.

One concept in the show that got me thinking was the idea of American resistance groups still fighting back against their Nazi rulers twenty years after the war ended which I loved because watching people fighting Nazis is always cool but also because it makes sense. If Americans did lose the war we probably would organize and constantly try to revolt. In the long run the Nazi regime would lose its control and Americans would regain their independence.  Historically speaking, this is why other empires have fell in the past. They use their military might to conquer and take control and for a time they’re successful but it doesn’t last. Eventually, a couple of the people revolt and boom! Bye bye empire.

This of course raises the question, The United States won the war and became a world power yet we never had much beef with the Germans post war. Well that could be attributed to fact that we never took control of their government which on the surface sounds stupid. America emerged out of World War II as a leading world power. We should’ve just taken control and expanded like past empires have. I eventually realized that this is because the United States of America is a new type of empire. A type of empire that has way more potential than past ones.
A couple of you may be saying “Hey America isn’t an empire! We believe truth, justice, and our right to everybody else’s oil!” Well to that I say “Shut up and let me finish.”

America hasn’t really done much conquering yet we are known as the most powerful country to have ever existed. Why? Well to answer that we need to define the two things that make the USA so powerful.

The first and more obvious reason is our military might. We have a big ass military. The United States Military is the most powerful military in the world and I cannot stress that enough. The largest airforce in the world is the US Airforce and you know who the runner up is? The US Navy! I’m not even going to get into our sheer amount of nuclear fire power which is astonishing by the way. On a side note, the dropping of the A-Bomb marked the end of conventional warfare for the most part and I wonder how the next real war will play out. Alas, that’s a post for another day.

The second and more interesting reason is what gives us control of other countries, our economy. After WW2, we didn’t make Germany a satellite state or anything like that. We acted as though we were a new type of world power. It seemed as though the USA was a benevolent victor that simply helped Germany and others pick themselves up and let them rule themselves. With time, the US helped germany become a strong nation with a thriving economy. It seems nice on the surface but there’s a catch.

As the USA built up Germany from the ashes of its defeat we also made their economy dependent on our own. Similar to how drug dealers will seem to be these nice guys just giving you a little taste of heroin, the USA built up Germany’s economy by connecting it to our own. By doing so, Germany’s economy became prosperous once more but its success was and still is completely dependant on the United State. If we cut off trade with Germany tomorrow the US would feel a bit of blow back and the stock market would show it but Germany’s economy would be completely decimated. Like a heroin addict can’t function without his or her dealer, Germany, as well as many others, can’t function without the US. Instead of using bloodshed and heavy taxes as a means of controlling its subjects, the US simply uses the global economy to control the world.

Think about how President Trump has pretty much been being a dick to the rest of the world. There hasn’t been much blowback has there. People say Trump is an idiot which may very well be true, but what if he just understands the power he has over the other nations? Trump could devastate any given country’s economy just like that. That’s why the other nations play ball with him; because they know he’s crazy enough to do it. I’m not saying he’s a genius but there’s a reason America isn’t in turmoil (yet). No one has truly opposed the US or tried to fuck with us in any military or economic action because if the United States decides to cut off trade with almost any country it would seriously fuck them up. The US uses the global economy as its leash.

Of course there are holdouts that don’t directly depend on us but that’s where that big ass military comes in. When it comes to other world powers, countries like Russia could never hope to beat the US in a full out war. Maybe they have a big army and maybe they put up a fight but it’s all pointless. If they start a war, millions will die which shouldn’t be discounted but at the end of the day America’s military strength and hold on the economy is so powerful that in the long run we’d come out on top and they know it.

The United States has such a strong hold on the world and has made itself a trade necessity for most of the world. The only real threat to the US is itself. It’s a shame that we have two god awful parties that are polarizing the American people and tearing us apart but that’s an easter egg for yet another post.

The point is that the United States a giant drug dealer, hooking everyone on our economic heroin.

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*EDIT* 1/11/2019


I couldn’t finish season 3 of “The Man In The High Castle,” it was absolutely AWFUL! I’ve never seen a show with so much promise fall so flat. Season 1 was great, but then came along season 2 and everything went to shit. It started off strong but slowly got worse. They focused way too much on the whole alternate reality thing and then by season 3 it just got ridiculous. Oh and the plot just fell apart in the middle of season 2.

All they had to do was just focus on an interesting plot of the Resistance vs the Nazis and Japanese. That’s it. Had they done that they could have made an enjoyable and interesting show. But no. They had to focus on this alternate reality crap. What a waste of my time. I’m tempted to spoil the show right now just so you don’t watch the terrible show. I regret writing the post about it.

7 thoughts on “Economies Are A Warm Gun

  1. Interesting opinion. “we believe in truth, justice, and our right to everybody else’s oil!” had me WHEEZING

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    1. Easily my favorite line currently on the site, thanks!


  2. An interesting take on the world economy for sure. I don’t so much agree that there hasn’t been any blowback to Donald Trump’s “being a dick” as you put it. Tensions with China were very high until recently which led to some economic instability and market volatility.

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    1. Fair point. My point was that he has more leeway to be a dick because of the USA’s power

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    Short but very accurate info… Many thanks for sharing this one.
    A must read article!


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