The World Is On Fire

I know this blog is less neat things to read on the toilet and more me ranting about whatever is currently bugging me but y’know what really grinds my gears? The fucking news. I’m not here to say that they have an agenda or that they push fake news. Whether the news organization is right, left, or centered it doesn’t matter. They’re all hacks trying to get the highest view count.

It’s not about journalism or unveiling the truth, it’s about getting people interested. The headlines are all about inconsequential bullshit and it’s just depressing. We get headlines like “Trump Says Women Have Too Many Rights?” “Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Wants To Back The American Dollar With Gummy Bears” “Jeff Bezos No Longer Enjoys Tiramisu” Half of the time they turn out to be false or inconsequential. 

Meanwhile, we have real problems that no one hears about. It took over two weeks for us to find out that the Amazon Forest has been on fire for almost a month and will likely become a desert. We would’ve got to it sooner but we were too busy debating on whether Trump was really racist or just a little racist.

What are we doing? Children in Africa don’t have water. People in the Middle East get hung for being gay. Even in America, we have people starving on the street. None of that matters because no one cares. We care about stupid shit.

I looked at a couple of “prominent news websites” and here is what’s on the front page of each. “How Greenland Explains Trump’s Presidency” brought to you by CNN. “Democrat control of cities has led to socialist nightmare” by our buddies at FOX. The front page of the NY Times is “Trump Says Danish Prime Minister Was ‘Nasty’ in Rejecting Greenland Offer”. CNBC “Facebook is hiring journalists to curate its news tab.” At the time of writing, the Amazon has been on fire for 18 days and it didn’t make the front page of any of these sites.

What is going on? None of this shit matters. This is why nothing improves. We make a big deal about unimportant shit because we don’t want to deal with the real problems that actually matter. It’s all just disappointing.


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