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In honor of Avengers Endgame, a culmination of 21 movies, I thought it was only fitting that I write a post about the Avengers… or should I say the first Avenger. I’ll be going into why Steve Rogers is my favorite avenger without spoilers. For my review of Avengers Endgame, scroll to the bottom of the post.

Captain America, A.K.A Steve Rogers, wasn’t always one of my favorite superheros. Growing up I was a Batman and Spider-Man type of guy but once the MCU started up I fell in love with the character. On the surface, it’s a weird choice. He’s just some guy who is only slightly stronger than an average person with a shield. Sure he’s a good leader who knows how to rally a team, but that’s not favorite superhero material. The reason he’s one of my favorites (and the reason a twenty-something-year-old guy still likes superheros) is because of what he represents.

I cannot attest what he’s done in the comics but from what I’ve seen in the movies, I could confidently say that Captain America represents the idea of never giving up. His character embodies the idea of doing the right thing because it’s the right thing no matter the circumstance. From his first appearance in his first movie, we see Steve before he was Captain America and he’s just some scrawny kid from Brooklyn yet when a jock in the movie theater is disrespecting the soldiers, something he believes is wrong, Steve stands up to the jock. He gets his ass kicked, but he just gets back up and calmly replies “I could do this all day.” In his second movie, when the agency he’s working for reveals an initiative that would take down criminals before they do anything wrong, Captain Rogers stands up to them. In every one of his appearances Captain America has stood up for what he believes in no matter the circumstance, no matter what was at stake.

This character trait and theme that has constantly been tied with the character and his story lines has really resonated with me over the years. We all like to say we stand up for what we believe in but do we always? Standing up for what you believe in doesn’t just mean doing it when it’s easy. It’s a completely different situation when there’s something on the line. Real dedication requires sacrifice.

We could all learn from this. If you believe in something or are passionate about it then it doesn’t matter if the odds are stacked against you, you have to go fight for what you believe even if that means giving up or risking something else. This idea doesn’t only apply to the world of superheroes, standing up for what you feel is morally right is something we could all try to aspire to. I think the reason superheroes are so popular, especially today, is not because they’re cool beings with cool powers that have cool fights. People love superheroes because they inspire them to fight for what they believe in, no matter the cost.



Avengers Endgame Review






What is there to say about Avengers Endgame other than HOLY SHIT THAT WAS THE MOST NERDY MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN.

Never has my inner child felt more complete than while watching this freaking movie. I won’t say it’s the best superhero movie but no movie has ever made me this happy. I won’t even bother reviewing because there’s no point. If you’re a fan of superhero movies than you’re going to watch it and if you are not up to date with the Marvel Universe than you just won’t get it.

Instead I’m just going to say what I liked.

  • Iron Man’s Death – They nailed it. Super tears.
  • After 21 movies Cap finally saying Avengers Assemble – Beautiful
  • Thanos obliterating Thor, Cap, and Iron Man with that kick ass sword – even writing that sentence was amazing
  • Tony yelling at Steve in the beginning for abandoning him and letting Thanos win – Hit me right in the feels
  • The creation of the phrase Time Heist – Love it.
  • My favorite scene in any Marvel movie? Captain America fighting Thanos with Mjolnir. WITHOUT A DOUBT MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD

It was a just a fantastic movie. Was it a stand alone film that anyone could enjoy? Absolutely not. This entire movie was a mix of call backs and paying off development from previous movies. I loved every part of the movie and can easily watch it again.

To those of you out there annoyed that it was three hours, I say this. Fuck you. Don’t watch it. Marvel doesn’t need your money and you don’t deserve Endgame. If a movie is this good I don’t care if it’s nine hours.

Avengers Endgame was revolutionary.

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