Shitty People

Ever since the progressive movement got some steam we are combatting racism with for subtle racism and it’s super hypocritical. Racism is pretty much defined as associating a trait (usually a shitty one) to a group of people so it is not allowed to do this… unless you’re doing it to white people. You can say whatever mean thing you want about a group as long as they’re privileged. You’re also allowed to assume that all wealthy people are shitty. I’m not trying to defend white people or rich people, I’m just trying to make the case for my own personal philosophy that most people, regardless of race, gender, income level, or religion are shitty.

The fact is that a large percentage of human beings are shitty people and race wealth and religion have nothing to do with it. The only difference I see is that shitty people with privilege are perceived as worse than shitty people without money because privilege usually comes with money and money presents more shitty opportunities to do shitty things which gets shitty media attention. This causes these shitty people to be perceived as shittier than the other shitty people when in fact they are all equal pieces of shit. There are shitty rich people who watch kiddy porn and shitty poor people who beat their wives. I’m sick and tired of the notion that wealth act as indicators for shittiness. It is identical to racism and implies that having money makes you bad which by contrast means that being poor makes you good.

The truth is that most groups of people are shitty regardless of sex, race, religion, wealth, or political opinions. Even worse, we allow the shitty people of groups who we disagree with represent that group while we protect the shitty people with in our own ranks. I feel like if people could understand this concept we could understand each other and become less divided.

A perfect example in this problem is our current political atmosphere. I would love to see a democrat get up and say “Ya the environment and healthcare is important but Ilhan Omar is a raging anti-semite and maybe we shouldn’t condone her shit.” I’d equally love to here a Republican say “Border security and civil liberties are important but Trump is not exactly a perfect president and maybe condoning a guy who boasts about grabbing women by their genitals isn’t such a great idea.” We need politics and people like this. Willing to admit and condemn people who are wrong in their group.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen so I guess all we could do is sit back and watch as we polarize further and further until Civil War: PART II comes to theaters.


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