Same Shit, Different Year

I cannot believe people still do New Year’s Resolutions. It’s such a stupid thing and I don’t understand how it’s still going. It’s almost as bad as planking. Every year you hear some idiot says “I’m going to stop drinking coffee” or “I’m going to meet someone special” and sure enough they never follow through. Think I’m just whining? How many people do you know that actually kept there little resolutions? Exactly. No one follows through on their bullshit but that’s not even the part of it that bothers me.

What really bugs me is the repercussions of the idea of New Year Resolutions. I met up with my friend a couple of months ago and he was saying he was out of shape. I told him if he felt that way, he should join a gym and make a commitment to lose the weight. You know what the idiot said? He said “Nah, I’ll do it once the year ends. It’ll be my New Year Resolution.” The sheer stupidity of his logic was flawless. People use New Years to push off the big decisions in their life and then once the New Year comes and they fail at whatever change they wanted to make they just push it off until next year, and in my friends case, remain a fat piece of shit.

I’m not trying to shit on fat people. If you want to be fat, go for it. You’ll be warmer in the winter. What I have an issue with is this grand excuse to push off making a change to your life. If you want to make a change, make the change right away. Don’t push it off. Get off your ass and do it! The idea of pushing off important things is something that goes beyond New Years. We all make excuse to not better ourselves because we are afraid of change. It’s okay to be scared of change, I know I am, but you need to be brave. Like I’ve said in my most recent post, “I Hate Superman” (give it a look it’s pretty good), bravery means doing something even though your scared. It’s time to stop pushing it off. As Shia LaBeouf once said “JUST DO IT, MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!

Don’t get me wrong, I love New Years. Parties, booze, and a day off of work are all great. I hope you go out tonight, live it up, and enjoy your night, but don’t make a silly ass resolution. If there’s something important to get done, do it right away.

Have a fantastic New Year!

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